Memory Contained


In the afternoon, the new project Memory Contained has started. We started by brainstorming what do we think is memory and what can be a thing/place to contain memories. We have some interesting answer such as fog as memory and laughter as a place to contain memory. 

I would say my life has been fairly smooth so far (luckily). There isn't anything that really bangs me when talking about a special memory. As Helmert said this will probably be the last project that allows us to do whatever we want before Unit 7 because the projects after that will have parameters, we will have to create within them. 

Finally, I decided to go for injury contained within a scar. How painful i felt when I was injured is not as important as the story behind it, and the scar on my waist always reminds me of the story: I was hiking with my family when I was still a little child, I jumped and ran down the hill and tripped by a rock. I fell and my waist was bleeding, then my dad piggy-back me to the first aid office to treat the wound. Of course, a scar has left on by waist but I was very touched by dad and I'm very thankful for such an amazing dad. 



Today, I decided to design pieces that are close to my heart so I can always remember the story. The designs are base on the shape of my scar and I also want to make the surface of the piece uneven so that I will have marks leave on my body after wearing it. I am not sure what material to use yet (probably metal? as it have to be heavy enough to leave marks on my body.)

When looking close to my scar, I realise the shape of it is quite similar to rice. So I came up with a idea of using rice to represent my scar in the jewellery piece. To make the piece look more precious, maybe adding some red diamond sticker around the rice.



We had a peer group discussion today with Nicola, I was amazed by the designs of my classmates and it was interesting to know the stories behind their designs too! Taking about my work, half of the people in the group thought a scar looks like rice and half of them disagreed. Nicola thinks rice is quite irrelevant to my story and it will be quite random to put some rice on the piece. I agreed with that and she suggested me to explore being carried, how can I capture the beauty in the bad experience and also could the piece be for my dad (a medal?) 




Instead of exploring being carried, I want to explore carrying someone. I search 'heavy jewellery' in the internet and some indian bridal necklaces came up. I think they are so beautiful and the colours of the pieces are mostly white and red (which matches my thinking of using red to indicate the wound). I made some sketch designs base on these indian bridal jewellery but they seemed to be to similar.

I have now come up with designs that are located on my shoulders as when you are piggy-backing someone, lot of weight will be on your shoulders and front arms. It will be made by wood as I fell down in a natural environment and it is heavy as well. 



It is workshop day today but unfortunately I only have half a day as I have an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon. Haven't finished cutting all of the wood and the time is quite tight so I hope I will be able to finish my piece by the crit day. Also, Helmert said he is not sure if the red diamond sticker will work well with my piece and instead of making the whole piece's surface uneven, why not only have one specific piece of place that will leave mark? these are what I am concerning too. I will leave it for now and think about this later.




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