Small Change


The project Small Change is introduced to us today. This project is about sustainability and environmental issues. As we will be having a sale market after christmas, I feel I have to be very careful about  what other likes, will be interested to buy and not losing the concept I want to deliver at the same time. We were given examples of the pieces from last year's students but I am still a bit confused on what to do for this project. 



We had a one day project with Benjamin and Helmert today making a paper cap. Although the material is cheap, I do not think it looks cheap as I have worked carefully when cutting the paper, knitting them together...etc. What I learned today is that when you want to make a precious product out of cheap material, good quality is crucial (very time consuming though...). This one day project is very inspiring for the small change project as most of us will be using very cheap material / re-cycled material / up-cycled material.


Christmas break

Over the winter break, we are asked to come up with 10 idea proposals we are back. Normally 10 ideas are not so difficult when we are given a theme as we do not have to worry about the material. However for this project material and the concept of the design are very important. This is holding me back a bit to generate ideas.

I want my jewellery to be special that will catch people's attention and I have come up with my first idea for the project today, an insect jewellery. I want to encourage people to eat bugs! This may sound scary and disgusting but actually about 2 millions people nowadays eat buts regularly. How does that related to sustainability? Bugs use up so little land, emit much lower green house gases than livestocks and they are also high in protein. 

After that conceptual idea of bug jewellery, I came up with some ideas that are more focus on the use of material. Such as turning an old slipper to a bag by folding the back to the front. 

download.php?file=911900&view=106493&embedded=1&textbox=911896 download.php?file=911905&view=106493&embedded=1&textbox=911896



Christmas break - continue

My grandmother came in my room today to show me the fabric that she took out from a broken umbrella and will use it as a protector when she dyes her hair. I think this is a very good way of up-cycling and she has inspired me that I can possibly use the fabric or the metal structure of broken umbrellas to create jewellery!

Other materials I considered for my designs are mussel shells, air pipe, fruit skins, wine corks...etc. I still prefer the insect jewellery and the umbrella idea more. The other ideas to me are more like completing the task given. I am now waiting the feedback from tutors when I get back to school.



(OMG it is 2015 already! HNY!)

I presented my ideas to Helmert today and he also prefer the two ideas i like (insect jewellery and umbrella jewellery). By the end we decided to go for the insect jewellery as it will be very difficult to collect enough broken umbrellas in the street, also the insect idea has a better concept behind it. 

A new project is introduced today which means we have to do these projects simultaneously. This will be a new experience to us but also a difficult one. I hope I can have a balance between the projects. 



It has been a while since I last think of this project ( kind of forgot about that..) and I realise I need to source the edible insects! I search online to see if there is any shop in London that sells edible bugs, but the ones I found are not quite suitable to use (scorpion vodka, worm lollipop, ant chocolate...etc), I have no choice other than buying them online. I found a website called Edible Unique that sells edible bugs. I am trying to find insects that have characteristics (not worms as it will look quite cheap) and I found crickets and diving beetles which I believe will work well on my design. Only by looking at them from the website already freaks me out a lot... I don't know how I can handle them in real thing..............argh. 



The bugs have not arrived yet so I went to the workshop today to try out curling the used plastic forks I got from canteen. I used a hot air gun and it was quite hard to control how long to heat as the forks melt quite quickly and once it is melted and deformed, I could not use it anymore. 

download.php?file=912270&view=106493&embedded=1&textbox=912275       download.php?file=912274&view=106493&embedded=1&textbox=912275


23/01/2015 - bugs arrived!

Have you ever regretted choosing what to do for a project? I have....for a few minutes. 

I was super excited when I found out they have arrived but the moment I took them out from the envelope, I couldn't stop screaming. 

It took me sooooooooo much courage to take one of the cricket out from the package and I was using a tweezer and wearing a mask just to make sure I won't breath in any legs of the cricket. 


I tried boiling some sugar in water to make a edible glue so that I can stick the insects to the fork, but the sugar dried so quickly that made it very hard to apply. 



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