Small Change 2


I talked to Helmert today and showed him my model and he thinks curling the forks is blocking the insect which makes it hard to see the bug. We than tried using a pin to pin the bug to the fork so it can still stay without the curl bits of the fork holding. 


We think this is better as the beetle can be seen very easily and although this made the design much simpler, the message I want to deliver seemed to be more direct in this form. 




Tomorrow is the Small Change market day and I have just finished making the necklaces and packaging. The necklace is adjustable so that the wearer can choose how they want to wear. I have also written the best before date on the package incase they want to eat it.


 download.php?file=912467&view=106515&embedded=1&textbox=912462 download.php?file=912469&view=106515&embedded=1&textbox=912462


Market day

Time has gone really quickly, still remember when we first got introduce to this project and think I still have so much time, freaking out by bugs and now I can hold them with my hand with no fear. 

I decided to sell my necklace for 2 pounds each hoping more people will be willing to try insects in this low price. I also put out a help yourself box containing edible crickets for people to try and surprisingly, loads of people ate it and so little was left by the end of the sell! Myself also tried some (I only want to encourage people to eat insects but not myself haha) as I was forced to do it!


I am so happy that my piece has been selected to the Green Week exhibition as I am not expecting it because when looking around the market, the products made by other students are so 'WOWable' (if this make sense). This medal means a lot to me!




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