World Collide


After the crit for Memory Contained this morning, we started our new project World Collide with a tombola! Each of us will pick one establishment and one brand. Before picking, I wish I can get two irrelevant establishment and brand so that I can be more creative on designer and also more challenging. The combination I picked are Bank of England Museum and Sony which, I think will be very difficult to create ideas although I said I wanted something irrelevant to each other. We only have a week to complete this project and still have to finish off the Small Change project for next week and that makes me stressed out a bit. 



I went to the Bank of England Museum today and it is smaller than I expected. The history of Bank of England and many tools that were used before can be found in the museum. A scale that was used to weight gold inspired me the most and I wanted to produce a head piece base on the shape of the scale.



As many of us are struggling on how we can collaborate our establishment and brand together, Helmert gave us some help this morning. He used Bank of England as an example which is my chosen establishment and asked us to tell him what we know about Bank of England. He said the information we gave him are quite obvious and hold us a story about the Bank of England - the Old lady. I found this story inspirational and want to continue my design with it. 



I research on what will the women in 1800s wear as the old lady was living in the 1800s. I found out corsets, bustles and crinolines were the essentials in 1800s. I started by drawing them and then try to change the form of them to see if looks good.

To collaborate with Sony, I decided to use the Walkman concept of Sony which is to allow people to carry music with them. I want to add something to the piece that produces sound when walking. However, I am not sure what to use yet (bells?coins?wood plates?)


I was thinking to use rattan cane to make my model but I could not find a place that sells it in London. With the limited of time, I used wire to create a model but the quality is very bad in my opinion. As mentioned before, I want to use something that creates sound when walking so I finally decided to use the coins I bought from the Bank of England Museum and hang them at the bottom of the model. As the model is looking too simple, I tried adding some folded paper inspired by the common folded fabric in 1800s women dress. However, the model looks too similar to a skirt, I have removed all of them. 

I am not satisfied with my model as I do not think I look like a finished jewellery at all. I hope to re do it if I have time.




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